• EHR intelligence designed for Ambulatory Clinics, Health Departments & Mental Health Facilities

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Who is ezEMRx?

The core capability required for healthcare is to enable the provider to spend as much time as possible with the patient instead of pondering over computer screens. This essentially drives one key function - USABILITY. Technology is as good as its usability. This driver is the premise from which ezEMRx was born. We have spent years in research on EHR usability. The results of which enabled us to create the layout, colors and user interface for this solution. Our vision is simple; we need to save you time spent in charting.

How is ezEMRx adding value?

Most EHRs today are based on boiler-plate capture and documentation. ezEMRx's intelligence engine is designed to incorporate the uniqueness of every provider using its narrative design engine. ezEMRx now brings ezIntelligence - an intelligent expert system. ezIntelligence works behind the scenes and learns how you, the provider, uses the system and furthers itself using predictive algorithms for CDS and other clinical areas.

ezEMRx's Mission

Our goal at ezEMRx is bring the best of breed technology to healthcare. We are healthcare technologists with one mission to help providers like you provide faster and easier care to patients in a quantitative and qualifiable manner. To this end, we are an unparalleled team of clinicians, developers, trainers, and support staff, whose combined experience constitutes ezEMRx.

ezEMRx's Vision

ezEMRx envisions a highly inter-operable healthcare system where providers practice, share and collaborate in advanced care techniques. As we evolve with technologies such as mobility, artificial intelligence, expert systems and block-chain mechanisms, it can be expected to see highly evolved clinical outcomes within ezEMRx with patient-centric models.

Join the ezEMRx family of providers today. We are here to partner with you.

Please join us in working towards a future in which, you as a provider, will spend less time in front of a computer and regain what originally brought you into the profession of medicine.